Maximum Sizes for Monthly Competitions (and therefore the Aggregate Awards in April)

Small Prints

Size of Print – 13 x 18cm (5 inches x 7 inches) for the image area

Size of Mount – 20 x 26cm (8 inches x 10 inches)

Panoramic print formats are acceptable but must be contained within the same image and mount sizes.

Mounting of Small Prints is optional.

Open Prints

Open prints may be of any size or shape provided that they fit within a rectangle of no more than 40 x 50cm (16 x 20 inches) including the mount.

Mounting of Open Prints is optional.

Projected Images (DPI), and Print Digital Files

Images should be sized to 1920 x 1080 pixels.  This means –

Landscape Aspect Ratio: No longer than 1920 pixels on the horizontal side (i.e. from left to right)

Portrait Aspect Ratio: No higher than 1080 pixels on the vertical side (i.e. from the top to bottom)

Projected Images File naming

When uploading images to Visual Pursuits for both Projected Images and Prints, simply use the "Title" of the Image as the file name. The image is automatically connected to the maker and the competition selected and does not need to be included in the files name of the image. This also applies to the actual prints. There is no need to have the makers name on the back of the prints, as the title of the image connects the print to the maker in Visual Pursuits. Simply put the title of the image on the rear of the print.

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