Themes and Series Group

Next meeting to be advised soon.

DCC members, upload your "Old and Rusty" images to the Facebook group.(link below)

The Themes and Series Group is a Special Interest Group of the Doncaster Camera Club, based in Melbourne. 

The group was formed in 2012 to cater for those who like to explore themes or create series of photographs in their personal photography. This might be with the aim of mounting an exhibition, producing a book, or simply for personal challenge or pleasure. 

We meet, generally at 6-week intervals, to share and discuss the works we have created. Members post their images to the groups Facebook Group (Themes and Series Doncaster Camera Club). 

If this group sounds interesting and you like to know more, contact Ean Caldwell on 0408 808 870.

Facebook - Doncaster Camera Club - Themes and Series

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