Associations — VAPS and APS

Victorian Association of Photographic Societies (VAPS)

Our Club is a member of the Victorian Association of Photographic Society (VAPS) and our members often attend VAPS conventions or musters: interacting with other photographically-minded people from all over Victoria.

So what is VAPS?

In essence it is the central photographic body for Victoria and our Club has been part of it ever since we started.

VAPS groups most photography clubs in Victoria into one body and provides many services for affiliated members, such as the distribution of a newsletter, lists of judges, recorded lectures, to name a few.

Perhaps the thing that will most catch your interest is the Annual Convention. This event takes place at various places around the State and comprises lectures and workshops by prominent photographic figures and tours of local beauty spots; not to mention the annual interclub photographic competition. Its all good fun and is a great opportunity to meet people from other Clubs.

There's more to the VAPS than we've told you. You can find out more by visiting their here.

Australian Photographic Society (APS)

The Australian Photographic Society (APS) is Australia's national photographic organisation. Direct membership is open to all and you do not have to belong to a camera club to join APS.

Each individual member is entitled to join one or more divisions. Each division offers services that cater specifically for the needs of photographers interested in that particular subject. Services offered include print and slide appraisal, circulating folios. international slide sets and assistance for beginners.

A convention (APSCON) is held annually in different States. The APS supports exhibitions, provides a hospital slide service, maintains a permanent collection of prints and slides and awards honours annually for service and photographic excellence.

Again, if you want any more information, visit their website...... click here.

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